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Nov 7, 2012 5:00am EST
on maryland's ballot. >> voters approved expanding gambling in the state, and john gonzalez joins us live at national harbor, a proposed site for a new casino. john? >> cynne, steve, $80 million spent in advertising for those for and against gambling here in the state of maryland. in the end the major measures really, you know took the lead early and never lost it. and we understand that two of them were very close. now, maryland voters of course, decided, and the majority chose question six and seven, even though opponents of same-sex marriage collected nearly three times the signatures needed in a petition earlier this year to put this referendum on the ballot. six wins was a slight margin. the associated press reporting 52% took 48%. now, the vote means same-sex marriages can begin as early as january 1. >> it is a complete sea change where we have been losing these for years, we're finally seeing the tide turning and it makes us incredibly optimistic for the future. >> as for question seven well, the celebration ran late here at the national
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
again this morning. and this involves an academy award winning actress. john gonzalez. on his directors shoes at the scene. >> the movie being filmed here is a drama. but the traffic around the foaming has been a horror. the last time a major hollywood movie was filmed during the d.c. area, a robot car from the movie transformer's crust. d.c. police cruiser. this time around, is really bad traffic. now in her next movie judy is playing an irish catholic woman. audiences will not see the real life traffic. a lot of police surrounding saint peter and st. paul church your honor river road. and this is causing some robert necking. they are told they cannot film during rush hour. but at times they have been moving equipment around in potomac, md.. montgomery county please morning commuters like they did yesterday, try to avoid river road west of the beltway. this movie opens in theaters next march. reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7 news . >> 39 degrees. >> new group >> breaking news. >> let's check in with jummy olabanji. >> we are just getting information from d.c. police. we have a crew
Nov 16, 2012 5:00am EST
americans. john gonzalez has a look ahead >> . the general is expected to give timeline before and during the attacks. the question this morning on hill, can he keep his sex scandal from becoming a distraction? amid a tremendous gamble, petraeus goes to capitol face will meet behind closed doors with the house and senate intelligence committees. his testimony comes a week after as dia director after admitting to an extramarital affair. director general petraeus tripoli and interviewed involved.e people >> the september 11 attack in left a for your people dead including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. makers have for already heard the acting cia director and watched a real-time video of the attacks. mistakes were made. we know we have to learn from this. many questions have been raised obamawhat the at the timeon new knew it was a terrorist attack. think the't intelligence community in any politicized intelligence provided to members of the. administration or the be solelytimony will the benghazi attacks. the general is not expected to about whether his conduct compromised nati
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am EST
gonzalez has more, live in hanover this morning. john? >> well, cynne even though question seven passed last week by a slight margin, the issue of expanding gambling here in maryland could still end up in the courts, the developer that develops the casino live here behind us in hanover, maryland quite frankly believes it was unfair to decide to build a major casino so close close by in prince george's county, so they were adamantly against question seven. but it is bittersweet for the company, because now they can add tables games here at their casino. officials will unveil that plan later this morning, which includes 125 table games 24-hour gaming and the addition of 1,200 new jobs. in fact, not only will there be a press conference here at the casino open later this morning, but there will also be a job fair from 11:00 to 3:00. in the meantime, a lawsuit has already been filed by anne arundel county officials against the construction of that $800 million m.g.m. grand casino at the national harbor. the argument is that the law requires a major
Nov 7, 2012 6:00am EST
to expand gambling also passed with 52% of the vote. john gonzalez continues our vote 2012 team coverage live from national harbor this morning. john? >> steve and cynne, this was not an election year for governor martin o'malley here in maryland, but he's probably waking up this morning feeling like it was, a major victory for the governor and, of course, those who supported question four, six, and seven. all three won yesterday. i got to tell you, two of these races were very close, even though opponents of same-sex marriage collected three times the amount of signatures they needed in a petition earlier this year to put this referendum on the ballot yesterday. question six wins with a slight margin. the associated press reporting 52% to 48%. the vote means of course, same-sex marriages can begin next year. it goes into effect january 1. >> it is a complete seachange, where we have been losing these for years, we're finally seeing the tide turning and it makes us incredibly optimistic for the future. >> and as for question seven of cours
Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm EST
are trying to figure out our body ended up near a burning car. >> bizarre situation. john gonzalez has been following this and has more from the scene. >> a true mystery has left this neighborhood wondering what happened behind this school. >> it seems like foul play. >> the fire department was called to the area off of brentwood park way. when they arrived they found a man's body. >> i am very concerned. i do what here every day. >> somehow this said and ended up in this ditch. from the looks of the tire marks, it became -- it came from behind the high school. neighbors said this area is dark and the evening. and has had problems with prostitution and drugs in the past. >> people come back in this area. >> the city's major crush unit was at the scene moments later but the homicide unit was also called. school officials cannot comment in this afternoon. but detectives will more than likely be reviewing security cameras here. when the camera seems to estero directly towards the area where the car and body were found. -- seem to affect steer directly toward the area where the car and the body
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm EST
the bw parkway. john gonzalez has been there all morning. it seems similar to what happened at the taco bell and the columbia. have a police commented on any blank? >> you are right. police have not officially confirmed these are very similar in nature. two managers shot. the first happen sunday morning at the top john boehner in columbia, and the shooting here early this morning at the wal- mart being described as a commercial armed robbery. the suspect you are left evidence. >> i heard about the shooting on the radio while i was dri >> imagine the terrifying ride as she came to pick up her son who works at the walmart overnight. a drive she makes every day but on the statius emotional. >> it doesn't give me a good feeling right now. >> were some along with other employees and customers were inside the store when a 28 year old manager was accosted by a lone gunman. the masked gunman demanded cash and forced the manager outside and shot him once in the chest and then police made a startling discovery not far from here. >> there was a vehicle and the area, we are treating that as a possi
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
to deliver a piece order. john gonzalez joins us with reaction from the community. >> the deputy came to the neighborhood, this riverdale neighborhood of around 7:30 p.m. in the evening and woman who lives in the home behind as witnessed her own son's death. police say here is how it happens. >> the sometimes dangerous task of serving papers to a home proved just that. the prince george's county sheriff's office says one of the deputies was observing a temporary protective order when things quickly turn for the worse. >> all that law enforcement personnel attended dangerous. >> initially a deputy was invited in by the woman. officer was there to deliver the order to%. moments later the son stepped out of the room with a gun pointed at the deputy. the deputy fired one shot, killing the armed man. >> it is frightening to know somebody died here on our street. >> investigators say it is too early of the dispute and is not saying why the peace order of issues -- was issued, but sometimes law enforcement gets caught in the middle. >> i know they put their lives on the line every day. very
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
. they will have breakfast at 6:00 this morning and then hit the road around 8:00. reporting live, john gonzalez. >> thanks so much. authorities warning about the likelihood of scams in the wake of hurricane sandy. you should watch out for a bogus charity is seeking donations for hurricane victims. and you could be vulnerable to home repair scams. used cars being sold could be exploited. look for those as well. >> president obama and mitt romney making a final push for votes. president campaigning today in ohio. mitt romney will be in ohio and wisconsin. president obama focused his closing argument on bringing about change and mitt romney countered that argument. >> i know what change looks like because i fought forest. you have too. after all we have been through together, we snot give up now. >> america finally needs real change that was promised. preclude york city mayor bloomberg endorsing president obama, saying hurricane sandy x3 shaped his thinking and that the president will take action on climate change. the commander-in-chief will be in northern virginia visiting brazil, near gainesvil
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am EST
business. john gonzalez is live at the location with more. >> this manager still fighting for his life. he was flown to baltimore shock trauma in critical condition. this is the taco bell where he is the manager and has been for some time, we understand. he was shot multiple times walking back from this exxon in the same privileges the couple of feet away. happened around 1:00 a.m. sunday morning. the drive-through here at the top go bell restaurant is closed on weekends until 4:00 a.m. and the money. police do not know why this happened. they're trying to figure out if it is a random attack or attempted robbery. but the manager is fighting for his life. the neighbor, the residence tell us they are shocked because this is a county that only sees about two or three homicides a year. they are hoping this does not turn into the next one. more details on exactly what happened. we understand the manager was at the exxon buying something. he was walking back when police say he was ambushed. this morning police are looking for two men. they are going through surveillance video at the shopping cen
Nov 14, 2012 5:00am EST
. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, maryland voters approved gambling in the state. john gonzalez live >> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> lawmakers expected to speak about what the fbi and cia know about the david petraeus scandal. president obama expected to make his fresh comments on the matter. good morning, washington. it is wednesday november 14. i am cynnÉ simpson. >> i am steve chenevy. let us go to jacqui jeras. >> i need the gloves back out after a mild start yesterday our cold front came through and we are starting out with a very chilly morning. most of us around or just below the freezing mark. and is going to look great. lots of sunshine expected. and a dry and cool spell can be expected ahead. that will last until the first half of the weekend. our temperatures this morning 36 degrees. win is out of the north northwest at 8 miles per hour. expecting a sunny skies and temperatures in the '40's. we should top out around 50 in the district. let us check on traffic. >> thank you. we will start with 270 volume buil 109. nothing is blo
Nov 7, 2012 4:30am EST
pay in state tuition and go to college. reporting live john gonzalez. >> the election may for a busy night for our partners at politico. >> you nailed it last night -- you said one of the key things to watch was in virginia, talking about prince william county and loudoun county. >> these counties were not even close. a big difference. president obama won them both big. a blue night in the presidential race. it took the romney campaign by surprise. they knew they were in trouble in the midwest, in wisconsin they did not know they would lose ohio. virginia -- one of the building blocks of the romney plan disappeared out from under them. they just did not see that coming. the only swing state a one is north carolina. it is a wipe out -- no two weighs about 8. >> mitt romney had the concession -- what happens next for him? does he have a political career after this? >> no. one of the suns may run for governor of utah. the republican party will move on. nobody is heating mitt romney's advice about where the party should go. there is a lot of bitterness about setbacks with hispanics and
Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm EST
victim to seeds. john gonzalez explains. >> this 36-year-old has lived here more than a year. he came home to this, finding all of his belongings out on the street. >> it clearly says november 19, 2012, trial date. he has been the victim, but he does not understand -- evicted but does not understand why. he admits he was laid on his rent, but records show he paid all of it except $30 in late fees he was to appear in court next week, but then came this. >> they got somebody to read it before the $38. >> he says most of his belongings including three flat screen televisions and a couple of laptops were stolen. he chased this man after rummaging through his staff. >> my baby's crib, her stroller, everything was gone. >> the manager at the apartment complex did not talk on camera, but say procedures are always followed and they say they will research this case more carefully. >> i cannot do anything. >> under rent laws, four days after judgment, that is when the eviction process can begin in the sheriff's office is contacted. not only was he kicked out, but his locks were changed. >> than
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
how i body ended up there are burning car. john gonzalez live at the scene with what he is learned overnight. >> quite a mystery this morning. the discovery was found between the high school in the northeast d.c. the fire department was called out around 10:00 p.m. last night. a car on fire. when their arrived not only did they find the burning car, about 200 feet from the road, but they also got a body next to it. the homicide unit called out immediately to investigate. right now it is only being subscribed -- described as a suspicious death. also near dorms near gallaudet university. the body was removed. we are not sure if it is a female or male. right now police are still investigating how this person ended up dead. reporting live, john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it is sentencing day for jared lee loughner. gabrielle giffords and her husband plan to be there in the courtroom. six people were killed, 13 more injured in a rampage at a shopping center. some of those victims plan to comment today, including a woman whose words will not be aimed at jared lee loughner. >> i
Nov 2, 2012 4:30am EDT
:00 and then they will e road around 8:00 this morning. 1500 are being deployed to new jersey. john gonzalez reporting. 4:35. garrett county, maryland, getting help as it tries to recover. he storm dumped more than 2 in the western maryland county. howard county says the emergency management offers scant the have an task force urban search and rescue units headed there now. with tree and will be calledd upon to assist in other ways as well. a job fair will be held today for veterans and military spouses. commercechamber of foundation is hosting the event e anacostia at 50, on 50 thiesen in southwest, 11:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m.. veterans need to provide military identification. the apple ipad mini on sale today. not so much fanfare. >> in part because wall street's reportg jobs today. good friday morning to you. >> stock futures little changed. the final jobs report before out in a's election is couple hours. forecasting a to more americans out of work. if employers have little reason to boost its staff levels as demand slows. expansion is expected to be at a snail's pace. out atbers will come 8:30 this
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm EST
. john gonzalez during those from out of the courthouse. >> cynnÉ and steve, won a court house down, one to go for kwame brown. he has been sentenced moments ago. he was sentenced to one day in jail followed by six months home detention with an ankle bracelet followed by supervised probation for two years. the sentencing will begin as soon as he is sentenced at a d.c. superior court later this afternoon. this for a campaign finance charge. the judge made it clear that kwame brown will remain in custody of united states marshals today and will not be released before the sentencing. brown did break down as saying he is truly sorry for his or contact. and words cannot express thewhat he is feeling. when he spoke of his children, that is when he began to cry. of course, kwame is being said today on a federal bank charge. back in june, he amended that he lied and forged signatures to get a personal loan. he then stepped down as the chairman. these loans were more than $160,000. and another loan, a separate loan for a vote. the prosecutor who was asking for six days in prison so that everyone
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
and ohio. appears there has been more votes andblican colorado. in a satellite center, john gonzalez. >> we have a developing story out of fredericksburg. nationwide manhunt for the who may strikece again. detectives are looking for 25- year-old laurence stewart. n withectio three bombings. brianne carter has more details the stafford police department. a multistate manhunt g on. investigators looking in virginia as well as pennsylvania ohio where the suspect is said to have family. they are looking for laurence stewart ii, the man wanted for having three different. pipe bomb different take a look at video. heavily-armed agents raided a e home believed to be will be trapped. say early tuesday through a pipe bomb into a fredericksburg phnom penh. account the detective used to rent a room there. accused of bombing two stafford and one of his was at the home former fiancee. >> every investigative law enforcement technique is being locate and arrest ii.ence stewart >> is now facing several charges attempted capital of a law enforcement arson of an occupied dwelling, and use of a weapon or a dev
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
by hurricane sandy. john gonzalez is live at national harbour. >> there is some movement out here in the parking lot of the gaylord hotel at the national harbour were these good men and women of dominion power got a good night's sleep after restoring over 300,000 homes in northern virginia and now they hit her again. 1500 workers will hit the road and head to new jersey where there are major power outages. we have the operations manager in charge of getting everyone on the road. tell me about the equipment in the parking lot. >> we've got about 75 vehicles here today. many of these people were working in northern virginia yesterday. they spent the night here at the national arbor to stage to go up to lakewood, new jersey to restore power. >> i understand this is the largest deployment you have ever had. >> it is, we have done many over the years in florida and louisiana. we were just in mississippi and louisiana this summer helping with the impact of isaac. >> how do you attack this once you get there? >> we have arrangements to provide fuel and supplies and sleeping arrangements
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
. number ofre a questions in maryland on the ballot. john gonzalez is at a polling the university of maryland. a number of important measures are on the ballot. recent polls tell us they are close. >> maryland cash, but back then after $80 million in advertising, marylanders will decide on gambling. question 7 would bring the of table games like roulette and black jack. this is about 40-$60 million revenue that will george's prince county. >> millions of dollars will go sometly to schools but doubted and others don't like idea but i don't believe we using poor people's that is what our tax dollars are for. >> same-sex marriages also on the ballot. this is a civil rights issue of our generation. i believe in the bible. maryland voters could be the in the country to allow dream act by popular vote allow children as -- as undocumented workers to go to college. thank you. want to hear from you if you have any problems at the polls today. go to our website or if you twitter or you can send an e-mail. livent to get back to the ask and find out more about hospital fire in
Nov 13, 2012 5:00am EST
to a federalty fraud charge. john gonzalez live with more. the prosecution has recommended at least six days in prison and four former d.c. l chairman kwame brown. after you was punished last the federal judge for report to pretrial services on three separate beasions, it will see what theo decides to do beingpurity is known for but stern. curfew and made him check in each day for the past five days. brown is being sentenced on federal bank fraud charges. admitted that he lied and forged signatures to personal loan. he admittedjune an lied and forged a personalto get loan. both charges carry a maximum of months in prison. live, john gonzales, abc 7 news. thank you. 5:08 is the time. following several stories the world. >> but as get the live headlines olabanji. >> following a developing story. killed and an explosion in india. they say several others have killed and 87 nearby homes destroyed. winner of the employees were overtime packing batches fireworks before the hindu festival which starts today. a more international news. a bomb nearnd of syria. you are seeing a video from a similar att
Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
report. i'm amy goodman. after we speak with juan gonzalez, we will be joined by john nichols in wisconsin to talk about the next four years. ♪ [music break] >> this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. "democracy now!" co-host juan gonzalez is home, recuperating from back surgery. juan, i want to ask about puerto rico. for the first time in their history, a majority of the island's voters supported a non- binding referendum to become a full u.s. state. the measure requiring approval from u.s. congress, the president obama has said he will respect the vote. he made the same promise last revisited the island, become the first sitting u.s. president and half a century to do so. >> because when i ran for president, i promised to include puerto rico, not just on my itinerary, but also in my vision of where our country needs to go. i am proud to say that we have kept that promise, too. first of all, we have addressed the question of political status. in march, the report from our presidential task force provided a meaningful way forwar
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21